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Owner First

Get detailed insights about your customers, revenue and workflows directly on mobile

Customer First

Attract the next generation of customers with curated features to give your customers the best mobile experience

Employee First

Enable employees to perform . Easy to understand and train with complete tracking of work , payroll, attendance and tip

Works on All Devices

Works on Desktop PC, Laptop, Chromebook, Ipad/Iphone or any Android Tablet or device. Turns works as a Laundromat or cleaners Point of sale on any touchscreen device.

Fully customizable

Set Products, Sections, Pricing, Icons, Colors, Custom Items, tax rates, upcharges, item notes . Customize the look of the POS screen for your store.

Add Extra charges

Add upcharges, damage, stain, color and detailed notes to individual items

Save customer info

Easily create a customer instantly and then add their preferences to serve them better through out their journey.

Discounts on tap

Give your customers a preferential treatment by providing them discounts while they are ordering. Delight your customers

Provide Credit

Provide credit to your customers and mark it on them. Easily complete the order and ask for delayed payments

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About us

We are a group of technologists who by some chance of luck also had the opportunity to be a drycleaner in India.  We love this industry, its people, its customer sensitivity and the challenges. Our main aim is to empower every single drycleaner around the world to have the same tools as we did.