Sifabso scales for new Dryclean business/startups

Top revenue generators for new age on demand dryclean| laundry startups from Sifabso

Get your Dryclean store in customer's pocket

Give your customers a full features app with your store branding to book, manage and pay online on the go.

Customers with an app book 81% more than normal customers.
Customers booking via app spend 37% more .

$ Benefit:10% Extra Revenue

Offer NO CONTACT pickup and delivery

In COVID, pickup from your customer's home, workplace or gym with Full confidence. Allow customers to pay from their premises.
75% of customers want to avoid visiting laundry/Dryclean stores during COVID.
89% of customers want to make online payments in COVID.

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue

Save up to $20,000/Year

Dry Clean and Laundry Services are essential , you are leaving money on the table
Turns admin to manage your store and customers

Treat Loyal customers Royally

Launch a virtual Loyalty campaign for your customers. Delight them with store promotions, store credits and discounts personalized for them.

Engaged loyal customers spend 300% more than normal customers.

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Get started with the Easiest Laundry POS, Dryclean POS

Manage store with POS 2.0

Completely customizable POS system with advanced features like Invoice printing, Barcode tagging and services charges with relevant customer notifications with online payments in store.
89% of the users want to pay online during COVID

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Sifabso features for On demand Laundry Startups

About us

We are a group of technologists who by some chance of luck also had the opportunity to be a drycleaner in India.  We love this industry, its people, its customer sensitivity and the challenges. Our main aim is to empower every single drycleaner around the world to have the same tools as we did.