How Sifabso saves money for Laundry | Dry clean Chains

Top revenue generators for an independent laundry/drycleaners from Sifabso

Unify brand across multiple locations

Your customers expect the same delightful experience across all your locations, every time.
Setup a new store/location instantly.
Manage your workforce, attendance, expenses , inventory from single place.
Reacquiring a lost customer is 400% cheaper than a new sale.

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Turns admin to manage your store and customers

Treat Loyal customers Royally

Launch a virtual Loyalty campaign for your customers. Delight them with store promotions, store credits and discounts personalized for them.

Engaged loyal customers spend 300% more than normal customers.

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Get your Dryclean store in customer's pocket

Give your customers a full features app with your store branding to book, manage and pay online on the go.
Customers with an app book 81% more than normal customers.
Customers booking via app spend 37% more .

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Offer NO CONTACT pickup and delivery

In COVID, pickup from your customer's home, workplace or gym with Full confidence. Allow customers to pay from their premises. 75% of customers want to avoid visiting laundry/Dryclean stores during COVID.
89% of customers want to make online payments in COVID

$ Benefit: 10% Extra Revenue saved

Some of our Drycleaners

HarshavardhanFounder, Wewashh
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Simple to use, I love the SMS and Notification features to connect with customers. My store app has 500 customers now

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About us

We are a group of technologists who by some chance of luck also had the opportunity to run a VC backed laundromat franchise in India.  We love this industry, its people, its customer sensitivity and the challenges. Our main aim is to empower every single laundromat , cleaners around the world to have the same tools as a future VC funded competitors to help them grow their business in the next age.

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