Top features of

Customer Delight

Run promotions

Create multiple promotions and sales to entice your customers and send personalized notifications, SMS and email about it. Auto apply promotions for the users on Apps.​

Reward customers​

Create different loyalty programs and enroll all your users in it at once. Set different rewards for your customers depending on the sales they bring to your Dry clean| Laundry store​

Take feedback simply​

Send customers automated feedback for better reviews and to stay in touch. Give customers rewards for providing feedback to engage them.​

Create Orders

Easily create and punch in an order from a customer on call or person to create an instant invoice.​

Get Paid via SMS

Easily send SMS or whatsapp link to customers to pay for their orders online. Easy payment integration to collect payments

Custom Reports

Create custom reports about your store's business and orders. Take different data analysis on tips with our existing default reports daily.

Manage expenses

Note your recurring monthly and one time expenses and their corresponding receipts with signatures to verify.

Employee accounts

Make your store completely digital, give different controls to your employees like drivr or manager to enable them to use Sifabso

Create Subscriptions

Create 100's of subscriptions for your users to increase upfront payments and service quality. Share and promote via SMS

Send customer SMS

Send your customers a personalised message easily. Create SMS templates to be sent to multiple customers at once.

Get easy reports

Find all your customer and business preorts in a single place to be accessed anytime for you or can be taken out as a raw excel file

Give discounts

Easily create a discount for a group of customers and apply it for them via online order or call or store visit.

About us

We are a group of technologists who by some chance of luck also had the opportunity to be a drycleaner in India.  We love this industry, its people, its customer sensitivity and the challenges. Our main aim is to empower every single drycleaner around the world to have the same tools as we did.